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Trailing Petunia & Surfinia Trays of 84'sTrailing Petunia & Surfinia Trays of 84's
A beautiful collection of Trailing Petunia and Surfinia in 84 Tray Plugs. Available in February, March and April.
TOPS CharityTOPS Charity
Dedicate a Light
Basket & Patio PlantsBasket & Patio Plants
Available in February, March and April we have various basket & Patio plants in differing sizes.
Commercial FuchsiasCommercial Fuchsias
84 Plug Trays Available by Special Order from End October Otherwise from Week 6 2019
Begonia TuberosaBegonia Tuberosa
Wide ranging colours of Begonia Tuberosa. Available February, March & April 2019.
Order a 2019 CatalogueOrder a 2019 Catalogue
TOPS Basket Plant Catalogue Available During October 2018
Calibrochoa & Million BellsCalibrochoa & Million Bells
These incredibly bright and happy plants are available February, March & April 2019.
Seed Raised GeraniumsSeed Raised Geraniums
Geraniums all grown from seeds. Available from February to April, 2019.
Ivy Leaf Trailing PelargoniumsIvy Leaf Trailing Pelargoniums
Available February March April Sells out fast So Worth ordering well in Advance
New Guinea ImpatiensNew Guinea Impatiens
The leading series of New Guinea Impatiens. Available March & April to order
An incredibly long lasting and drought tolerant plant. Available February and March 2019
Available in 60 plug trays from week 48 2018 till week 12 2019 please order early
Spring & Summer Bedding Plant Plugs (Seed Raised)Spring & Summer Bedding Plant Plugs (Seed Raised)
All the other seed raised items supplied in 240 & 350 plug trays Mainly available February,March. April & May
Zonal Pelargoniums (Geraniums)Zonal Pelargoniums (Geraniums)
An incredible range of Zonal Pelargoniums and Pelgardini available in 65 Plug trays in February, March, & April 2019
A range of Dahlias for 3 litre tubs and in novelty 1 litre pots!
Angel, Scented & Regal PelargoniumsAngel, Scented & Regal Pelargoniums
Available as 40 Plug trays from week 4 onwards. Beautiful colours to brighten any day!
Dianthus for potsDianthus for pots
Browse our range of Dianthus. Best used in 10-12cm pots.
The Herb GardenThe Herb Garden
A superb range of herbs from our very own herb garden! Available all year round. 84 Plug Trays all VAT EXEMPT
Cordyline plugs (limited Availability)
Current DealsCurrent Deals
Trolley DealsTrolley Deals
SPECIAL LINE Seasonal Trolley Deal 72 Varieties of Basket plants. Taking Orders For March 2019
Superb 2 cutting Hedera in 84 plug trays. Available all year round.


Charity Event
The Tree of Light
In memory of a 
loved one.
Only £3.00

Shakespeare Hospice
Chipping Campden Nurses
Midlands Air Ambulance
Money Split evenly 
between the 3 Charities

All Sponsors Recorded
 in the book of Lights

Tree will be lit from 30th November
Through Christmas
with over 1000 Warm White lamps.
Can we Sponsor over 1000 lights?
We can get more on the tree!