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Autumn Bedding PlugsAutumn Bedding Plugs
Pansy, Primrose, Polyanthus plugs in a dashing array of colours!
Confused by which week is when? Then why not used our easy to use week converter!
Garden Patio PereniallsGarden Patio Perenialls
A choice of quality Garden Patio Perenialls. Available in a range of colours. Available February, March and April 2018.
Begonia TuberosaBegonia Tuberosa
Wide ranging colours of Begonia Tuberosa. Available February, March & April 2018.
Fuchsia 84's Basket VarietiesFuchsia 84's Basket Varieties
Available in trays of 84 plugs February, March & April 2018.
Fuchsia  Giant VarietiesFuchsia Giant Varieties
Giant types Suplied in 60 plug trays February March & April 2018.
Hybrid Geraniums from SeedsHybrid Geraniums from Seeds
Supplied in 240 and 84 plug trays Available January, February & March
Ivy (trailing) PelargoniumsIvy (trailing) Pelargoniums
Available February March April Sells out fast So Worth ordering well in Advance
Zonal Pelargoniums (Geraniums)Zonal Pelargoniums (Geraniums)
An incredible range of Zonal Pelargoniums and Pelgardini available in 60 Plug trays in February, March, & April 2018
Superb 2 cutting Hedera in 84 plug trays. Available all year round.
The Herb GardenThe Herb Garden
A superb range of herbs from our very own herb garden! Available all year round. 84 Plug Trays all VAT EXEMPT
Wholesale Christmas Trees Last Orders in by Oct. 30thWholesale Christmas Trees Last Orders in by Oct. 30th


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