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Autumn Bedding PlugsAutumn Bedding Plugs
Pansy, Primrose, Polyanthus plugs in a dashing array of colours!
Trolley DealsTrolley Deals
SPECIAL LINE Seasonal Trolley Deal 64 Varieties of Basket plants. NOW DELIVERING
Begonia TuberosaBegonia Tuberosa
Wide ranging colours of Begonia Tuberosa. Available February, March & April 2018.
Fuchsia 84's Basket VarietiesFuchsia 84's Basket Varieties
Available in trays of 84 plugs February, March & April 2018.
Fuchsia 84's Hardy & Upright VarietiesFuchsia 84's Hardy & Upright Varieties
Our hardy and upright Fuchsias available in 84 plug trays February, March and April 2018.
Basket & Patio PlantsBasket & Patio Plants
Available in February, March and April we have various basket & Patio plants in differing sizes.
Calibrochoa & Million BellsCalibrochoa & Million Bells
These incredibly bright and happy plants are available February, March & April 2018.
New Guinea ImpatiensNew Guinea Impatiens
The leading series of New Guinea Impatiens. Available March & April to order
Trailing Petunia & Surfinia Trays of 84'sTrailing Petunia & Surfinia Trays of 84's
A beautiful collection of Trailing Petunia and Surfinia in 84 Tray Plugs. Available in February, March and April.
Spring & Summer Bedding Plant Plugs (Seed Raised)Spring & Summer Bedding Plant Plugs (Seed Raised)
All the other seed raised items supplied in 240,350 & 400 plug trays Mainly available February,March. April & May
Verbena, Tapien, Temari and EstrellaVerbena, Tapien, Temari and Estrella
Zonal Pelargoniums (Geraniums)Zonal Pelargoniums (Geraniums)
An incredible range of Zonal Pelargoniums and Pelgardini available in 60 Plug trays in February, March, & April 2018
A range of Dahlias for 3 litre tubs and in novelty 1 litre pots!
Superb 2 cutting Hedera in 84 plug trays. Available from February to April 2018
The Herb GardenThe Herb Garden
Availble from October 2017 84 Plug Trays all VAT EXEMPT
Chrysanthemum Garden Mums collectionChrysanthemum Garden Mums collection
Naturally free branching plants that produce so many flowers the foliage is almost obscured! Available in June and July 2018.
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Wholesale Christmas Trees Last Orders in by Oct. 30thWholesale Christmas Trees Last Orders in by Oct. 30th


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