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Let your programs get starstruck with our newest innovation yet. Caliplosion Calibrachoa gives your program a boom with a profusion of perfect purple petals. Use Caliplosion in combination baskets with other vivid color popping annuals.

Please note: Plug plants in this range are available from week 10 to week 16 only. When placing your order you will need to select a week number (Even numbered weeks only). If no number is selected the default week number will be week 10. 

Calibrochoa Calisplosion Purple
Calibrochoa Calisplosion PurpleHeight: 6-12"

Spacing: 8-12"

Colour: Magenta & Yellow

Seasons: Early Spring, Spring, Summer, Autumn 

Best for use: Containers, Hanging baskets

Tray Count: 84 plugs