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Fuchsia  Giant VarietiesFuchsia Giant Varieties
Giant types Suplied in 65 plug trays February March & April 2019.
Fuchsia 84's Basket VarietiesFuchsia 84's Basket Varieties
Available in trays of 84 plugs February, March & April 2019.
Fuchsia 84's Upright & Hardy Upright VarietiesFuchsia 84's Upright & Hardy Upright Varieties
Our hardy and upright Fuchsias available in 84 plug trays February, March and April 2019.
Fuchsia Climbing VarietyFuchsia Climbing Variety
A selection of our Climbing Variety Fuchsias. Available in 65 plug trays mid February to April 2019.
Fuchsia TryphilliaFuchsia Tryphillia
A range of our Fuchsia Tryphillia. Available in a range of 65 and 84 Plug Trays.
Fuchsia WhipsFuchsia Whips
*** CASH & CARRY ONLY*** A selection of Fuchsia Whips - Young plants that you can be grown into standard Fuchsias. Available Mid February through to April.
La GrandeLa Grande
A fantastic range of large fuchsias which have a distinctly European feel about them