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Including a series of plants grown in 6cm Peat Pots.

This avoids root disturbance as you just plant the whole pot.

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Celery Greensleeves

runchy, tender and string-less, this vigorous and popular green variety has thick, well-rounded 11 stalks and tightly folded hearts. A late maturing variety, ideal for autumn use.

Leek Blue De Solaise

An old French Heirloom winter variety long leeks with blue-grey leaves far more vigorous than Musselborough and equally hardy. Very cold-resistant turning darker after frost and a good one for standing overwinter even in atrocious weather.

Lettuce Little Gem

One of the quickest and earliest varieties to mature. Little Gem produces small compact plants which are packed with a crisp sweet heart and little outside leaf.

Lettuce Mixed Tusan Salad (3 Seeds)

Fast growing blend of 6 different loose-leaf cutting lettuce varieties. A special blend of light green, dark green, and red lettuce of different textures and shaped leaves. Perfect grown as baby leaves, giving up to four cuts, or equally good grown out as more mature leaf lettuces. 45-50 days

Sweetcorn F1

An early maturing compact SU variety Earliking delivers reliable crops of good sized cobs over most UK summers, especially in more challenging locations where SH2 varieties may struggle.