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Browse our new and exciting range of 2019 Zonal Pelargoniums. From Dark Line to Light Line and everything in between you'll be sure to find what you are looking for!

Antic ZonalsAntic Zonals
These incredible Zonal Pelargoniums are extremely weather resistant and can trellis up to 4ft tall! Perfect for outdoor planting they can grow up to 80cm in 3-4 months!
Chocolate ZonalsChocolate Zonals
Bright coloured flowers contrast against dark 'chocolate' coloured foliage to great effect to create a fantastic geranium that will brighten up any garden!
Dark Line ZonalsDark Line Zonals
An excellent range of zonal pelargoniums with dark foliage and excellent disease resistance
Flower Fairy ZonalsFlower Fairy Zonals
These beautiful effeminate geraniums will add both colour and personality to your arena!
Interspecific Zonal PelargoniumsInterspecific Zonal Pelargoniums
Interspecific Pelargoniums require minimal care and and are weather resistant, making them perfect for outdoor performance!
Light Line ZonalsLight Line Zonals
Browse our range of Light Line Zonal Pelargoniums. The flowers of this beautiful series range from Pure White to Rose-pink. These shrubs are perfect for the garden!
Mosaic® ZonalsMosaic® Zonals
Early flowering Zonal Pelargoniums with a bright, semi double flower head. Perfect for those summer hanging baskets!
Pelgardini - fancy leaved Zonal PelargoniumsPelgardini - fancy leaved Zonal Pelargoniums
The bright colours show a beautiful contrast to the foliage with its large coloured zones. With early flowers and medium strong growth the varieties fit well in the production of medium vigorous Pelargoniums.